"To be the integrated solutions for fleet management, tracking and safety (Camera) by providing the most suitable results for our customers at the most effective cost in the East and Central Africa."
Solut group
Our vision

Experience the new technology

Start real-time tracking on your PC, Tablet or smartphone. Our system is perfect for personal use (tracking car, bike etc.) or companies(tracking and managing vehicle fleet or employees). Get various notifications and reports, check vehicles fuel consumption using distance covered , driving speed, travel history, stopovers and many more.

your assets consumption

With our fuel sensor you can now access the fuel level every time you need it, using your laptop, desktop, tablet or your mobile phone connected to internet.

responsive to our customers

The customers are the most priority, Monitoring and field response service are closely integrated in our system as team solut with dedicated Manpower that is available for your issues.

Fuel Management

SOLUT-WORLD IoT Technology helps telecommunications companies as well as oil and gas companies, among others to manage fuel consumption using the best of technology solutions that saves cost.

Tracking services

Receive tracking updates and Geo-location reports on-demand on Desktop or our Mobile Application. Mobile Application notifications and email alerts. Fuel Theft Monitoring with Location Accuracy.

Site Safety

Our IoT solutions include monitoring of mobile assets as well as physical stationery assets and their security status, and helps customers to know how those assets are being utilized and managed.

some more of what we can do

Alarm system

We install devices to alarm you of the danger (non online system) from your house, vehicle, business,...


we do promote items

Cleaning services

Car wash, Housing cleaning and more...

Grossery deliver & sale

Leave the hard part of your business to us; We do continuous delivery, we do wholesalers

Car rental

Rental cars at a lower price; With or without a dirve (in agreement)

Make your work easier

contact us today to simplify your work with the most efficeint services

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